Hey guys, I'm Jeremiah Tortor, a web app developer and passionate tech blogger. I blog about the following; blogging tips, internet tricks, AdSense tips, web design & development.

Years of experience

3 years blogging experience.

4 years web design & development experience.

3 year Google AdSense experience.

2 years Amazon affiliate marketing experience.

Below are the paid services I render

AdSense approval service: I offer Google AdSense approval service for 20$. Pay before service, refund is available if only account is not approved for two times.

Blogger blog creating service: I create well organized blogspot blog for 15$. Pay before service, no refund.

Amazon affiliate account creating: I create and verify Amazon affiliate account for 50$. Pay before service, refund is available only if the account is not verified.

Creating Website From Scratch: I create website with html, css, javascript, Jquery, and JavScript for 250$. Pay before service, refund available if only the website is not created.

Advertisement: To advertise on my blog cost 50$ per Month.

Unblocking blocked url on facebook: I've unblocked more than 6 urls on facebook. I offer this service for 10$. Refund is available if only the url is not unblock.

I currently have Propellerads account with $20 earning in it for sell at affordable price.

Blogging training: Personal blogging training from beginner to advance 100$. 50$ advance payment. No refund.

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WhatsApp - 09050330311