I deleted one of my blog sites mistakenly, this moved me to write a post on how to recover deleted blog in blogger after I recovered mine.

This can happen to anyone, but thanks to blogger for making it easy to recover temporary deleted blog.

When you delete a blog from blogspot, it still remain there utill you delete it permanently.

With just few steps, not less than two minutes you can recover your blog if it is not more than 90 days it was deleted, else you can't recover it. So ensure you recover any mistakely deleted blog before 90 days.

Follow the steps below to recover your temporary deleted blogger blog;

Login your blogger account, access your control board. Right there you'll find your blog title, click it and you'll get to see drop down menu with your active blog and temporary deleted blog.

how to recover deleted blogger blog

When you click on the temporary deleted blog you want to recover, you'll be redirect to a new environment, there you'll see two options for deleting it permanent or undelete it back.

recover permanently deleted blog

Click on the undelete button to recover it back.

After you clicked the undelete button, your blog will come back live.

Hope this post help solve your problem.