Hey guys, I want to show you how to post new topic on nairaland. Posting on nairaland is easy as eating bread.

If you're a new member, I'll advise you not to start posting links because nairaland has antispam-bot. This engine can detect you as spam and ban you from participating for sometime.

I was a victim for countless number of times. You can't have the fruit without having the root. You  must participate for sometime before start posting link.

Nairaland is a targeted platform for Nigerian bloggers, online business owners for making sales and driving blog traffic. Posting on nairaland is a great move towards exposure to more audience.

Follow the simple steps below to drop a new post topic on nairaland.

Step 1: Sign in your account and select the category you want to make the post from the home page. follow the illustration image below.

how to comment on nairaland

Step 2: Now scroll down a bit and click on the "create new topic" link. The cursor is pointing at the link on the image below.

nairaland business

Now you're almost there. one more step left.

Step 3: In the post environment, you'll get to see where to enter your topic title, your topic content.

The top input field is for the title, while the biggest input field is for the topic content.

I think the image below can explain better.

how to create new topic on nairaland

Note: The page to make comment and the page to create new topic is the same but the page to make comment does not have title field.

You're free to leave comment base on things you're not getting right.